For booking inquiries, please contact us via email

Venue & Booking Information

  • Seating: The venue handles between 40-60
  • Ticketing: Tickets are sold ahead of time through Eventbrite (w/tickets also available at the door). Tickets typically run $15-$20.
  • Equipment: The venue does not provide PA of any kind (nor associated equipment). However, we are happy to help source gear if needed.
  • Payment: The performers keep 100% of the door (paid at the end of the evening).
  • Merch: There is a Merch table available to use.
  • Accommodations: The owner of the house runs an Air BnB from the same location. If it is not being used, it is free to the performer(s). Note: this is usually not a problem with enough advance notice.
  • Load In: It's a few stairs to the first level of the house. We can accommodate most artists' set-up/soundcheck requirements (please make sure this is discussed when booking). Typically, load in is 2 hours before the door.

Please email us at the address above with any additional questions.